Who are we?

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Real estate made simple for the Realtor community

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Our Mission

Real estate made simple for the realtor community.

Why join us?

We understand the value agents and brokers bring to any transaction. We're here to help secure that relationship, not interfere with it.

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Our Vision

Avvie allows Realtors to focus on relationships by automating your everyday tasks.


Our Values

At our company, we hold ourselves to a high standard of transparency, accountability, efficiency, and integrity. These values guide everything we do, from the product we create to the way we treat our customers and employees.


What Our Customers Think

"While reviewing offers with the sellers on the Offer Dashboard, we worked together to develop the best strategy for countering offers received, achieving the exact deal the seller desired."

"Submitting an offer on Avvie was easy and straightforward!"

"We received over 30 offers on one listing, and by using Avvie, our team saved 4 hours of data input tasks usually done by our administration team!"

"We received three additional offers that we had no idea were coming in through Avvie."